PHA-3 Essence

Size: 2.0 fl oz (60ml)

Skin Benefits

✔ Gentle exfoliates the skin for better functioning and younger-looking skin.
✔ Improves fine lines and wrinkles, supples and firms the skin.
✔ Promotes barrier health to improve skin sensitivity.

Key Ingredients

— Gluconolatone
— Lactonbionic Acid
— Maltobionic Acid

✔ Suitable for All Skin Types
✔ Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free, Colorant Free
✔ Pregnancy Friendly


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What’s so special about this product?

PHA-3 Essence has 3 major skin benefits:

1. Fast skin transformation: PHA-3 Essence takes all advantages of 3 second-generation skincare acids as well as plant extract to give your skin a fast transformation in skin's appearance. It helps to gently peel back the dry, rigid, and non-functioning layer of the skin to expose the fresh and younger-looking skin beneath and normalize the speed of the skin cell turnover rate.

2. Improves signs of aging: such as fine lines and wrinkles and enlarged pores. 3 of PHAs used in this essence all exhibit great antioxidant, antiaging, and skin-balancing properties. Combining with plant extract makes PHA-3 Essence even stronger in promoting collagen synthesis and increasing the thickness of the skin, skin hydration, and pH balancing power.

3. Promote skin health: PHA-3 Essence helps to strengthen skin barrier by promoting barrier lip synthesis, keep the skin well hydrated, and balancing skin microbiome.

For Skin Conditions
  • Rough skin texture and flaky skin
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Speed up the skin cell turnover
How to Use
Apply 4-5 drops of this product evenly to the skin twice daily.
Keep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Water, Gluconolactone, Lactobionic Acid, Maltobionic Acid, Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Jojoba Ester PEG-120, Sodium Gluconate, Allantoin, Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.


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