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Honestly, in the cosmetic world, there are no set of rules to follow in terms of skin care benefits or scientific studies. Sadly a skin care product doesn’t have to work to be sold in the market place. It doesn’t have to have any proof to support either the skin care benefits of the ingredients or product claims. Today, in the 21 century, consumers demand more. They are demanding good quality and safe products that can actually benefit their skin. At Essay, we have our own higher standards and set of rules to follow to make sure that our products can provide the skin benefits for all skin types. 

Behind this brand is a group of dedicate physicians and skin care scientists who are determined to combine skin physiological behavior and skin care science to make the skin care more precise and effective.

Remember, the products can only be as good or as bad as what and how much you put into them. Our team designs our products based on 3 unshakable rules:

Do no harm

Sounds cliché but is critical in skin care safety.

As more and more ingredients pop up every day, it is only natural to question the safety of skin care ingredients. After all, the whole purpose of skin care is to protect, promote and prevent, and do it safely.


By combining synergistic key ingredients in to one product it allows you to combine multiple applications into one simple step that not only simplifies your skin care process, but most importantly reduces the chances of over-exposing your skin to those unfavorable but unavoidable ingredients, such as preservatives.

Maintain the efficacy

Our third focus is to keep the performance of the products consistent by:

  • Making sure the levels of functional ingredients are adequately added and ingredients are grouped according to their compatibility
  • The final products are packaged by using light and air protective packaging materials
  • The products are always stored in a temperature, humidity and microbial controlled environment.

As a manufacturer of our own products, we constantly keep up with all the new technologies and new discoveries and quickly reflect those advancements into our products to make sure our products are always at the forefront to better serve you, our customers.

Please give us a try.

Happy skin care!!!

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